Great Job, Internet!: Master the alphabet with this supercut from 85 films

Films are great learning tools. Where else can viewers get cheat sheets on Chaos Theory, counting cards, or how to make soap? And why limit oneself to just one movie for learning when the possibility exists to pull from 85 different films to teach a ridiculously simple premise? That’s the idea behind the latest supercut from Burger Fiction that combs through over 85 different films to teach the English alphabet.

It’s a silly enterprise but it’s actually pretty fun to see all the various films smashed together and the ways that the editor was able to isolate and find particular letters in certain movies. And then there’s the kicker with a certain eccentric actor giving a great roundup of the entire sequence of letters. It’s a stuffed blender of cinema that transcends genre, tone, time periods, and taste, and what comes out is an audiovisual …

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