Great Job, Internet!: Marvel now streaming 2 episodes of ’70s Japanese Spider-Man live action show

As part of its Spider-Verse event going on in comics now, Spider-Man is recruiting different versions of Spider-Men (and Spider-Women) from different dimensions to help battle a threat the superhero can’t face alone. (It makes a bit more sense in context.) In the recent Amazing Spider-Man #12, for instance, Spider-Man recruits Takuya Yamashiro and a giant robot to help in his quest. Many people were probably confused as to who this new guy was and why he had a huge mech called Leopardon to battle evil-doers. Yamashiro was the main character from the ’70s Japanese live-action show, in which Spider-Man would summon his gigantic robot counterpart to take on various villains of the week. Humongous Leopardon was called in to fight monsters once they became equally giant and is a precursor to the Zords of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and other robot avatars in the super sentai genre. Leopardon …

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