Great Job, Internet!: Martin Scorsese personally responded to a fan’s Scorsese-Kubrick mash-up video

In June of 2010, Rio De Janeiro-based film fan Leandro Copperfield uploaded “Kubrick Vs Scorsese” to Vimeo. The seven-and-a-half-minute video is a meticulously edited assemblage of bits and bobs from the various films of Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. “[T]his is NOT a comparison, ‘fight’ or a competition,” the amateur filmmaker explained in the video’s description. “It’s just a homage for my favorite directors.” A truly impressive offering to the internet’s over-crowded mash-up genre, it merges six decades of work from two disparate genre-hopping craftsmen into one gorgeous montage of artistry and gore. It’s worth watching.

The person who spent hours or days hunched over a computer putting that together (not once, but twice!—in 2015 he replaced it with a fully remastered, 1080p version) is clearly somewhat of a fan. So can you imagine how he felt when, six years later (almost to the …

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