Great Job, Internet!: Mark every fictional holiday with this calendar plug-in

The travel website Atlas Obscura has created a brand new calendar plug-in filled with all the most important pop culture holidays, from Ferris Bueller’s day off (June 5) to Rory Gilmore’s birthday (October 8). It’s the perfect digital gift for the pop culture aficionado—and/or pop culture writer looking for content—in your life. And it will ensure you never forget about The Purge again! (It’s March 21-22, by the way.)

There are over 75 holidays in the calendar, and while Atlas Obscura acknowledges it’s far from comprehensive, it’s still a pretty good starting point. The calendar takes into account events introduced in everything from Lord Of The Rings and Star Trek to Parks And Recreation, Firefly, World Of Warcraft, and many more. It can be synced to Google Calendar with the push of a button or connected with other calendar applications using …

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