Great Job, Internet!: Mario pilots an X-Wing in this Star Wars and Mario Kart mashup

We know that Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away, but it turns out that might be referring to the Mushroom Kingdom. How else do you explain Mario flying an X-Wing on Rainbow Road?

Dark Pixel created a mash-up video titled Star Kart that combines, you guess it, Star Wars and Mario Kart, and the results are phenomenal. The character models must have been lifted from some Mario game, because they look that official. The environments are vivid; the sound borrows perfectly from both source materials; the animation is fluid and as realistic as you can make a Mario Kart race in outer space look. There are even a couple of fun nods to the Luigi’s Death Stare meme, and to the unfortunate Achilles heel of the Death Star.

Hard work absolutely paid off here: Dark Pixel, which also created the Super Mario Brothers Parkour video …

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