Great Job, Internet!: Mario Batali made an extravagant soup-only meal for Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan

When you’re feeling under the weather, having a friend make you a nice bowl of soup can be a godsend. But when you’re three months into recovering from life-threatening brain surgery that removed an apple-sized tumor from your head, you may need a very special soup from a very special friend. For comedian Jim Gaffigan, that special friend just happens to be celebrity chef Mario Batali.

Earlier this year, Gaffigan’s wife and long-time writing partner/co-producer, Jeannie, revealed that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Three months of recovery and one feeding tube later, Jeannie has regained the ability to swallow food. So Jim, being the food-loving and caring husband that he is, went on the hunt for the perfect meal the two of them could share. On Wednesday night, Gaffigan posted the menu from the custom-designed 14th anniversary meal he and his wife shared …

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