Great Job, Internet!: Margaret Atwood offers episode-by-episode insights into The Handmaid’s Tale

We’re all still reeling from season one of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which ended, as A.V. Club reviewer Allison Shoemaker put it, with a “thoughtful, thrilling finale.” Those looking for more context on this fascinating season are in luck: Margaret Atwood, author of the dystopian novel the series is based on—where fertile women are forced into surrogate slavery to help populate the barren, male-dominated society of Gilead—has annotated season one for The New York Times. Atwood offers valuable background information on elements like series’ costuming, as well as on Gilead’s fertility issues, black-market nightclub, and subversive resistance.

Atwood starts with the costumes—red for Handmaids, blue for wives, green for Marthas, brown for aunts. “Organizing people according to what they’re wearing—who should wear what and when, who has to cover up what—is a very, very, very, very old human vocation …

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