Great Job, Internet!: Man attempts to pull a Kendall Jenner, is swiftly apprehended by authorities

Look, the guy here was going for a good gag. Kendall Jenner’s much-reviled Pepsi ad, in which she decides to join a protest and then quickly heals America’s racial wounds by offering a cop of a can of soda, has been parodied widely, and so in a Portland city council meeting, one protestor attempted to play off of that, handing the city’s mayor a Pepsi in the midst of a heated exchange. Would the mayor smile and look at his cohorts on the council, minds blown, as the police officers in Jenner’s Pepsi ad did? Would he realize the clever way the protestor had subverted the advertisement by showing its inapplicability to real-world resistance?

WATCH: In apparent nod to now-pulled ad, man rushes Portland, OR mayor and hands him a Pepsi

— CBS News (@CBSNews) April 5, 2017

No …

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