Great Job, Internet!: Making the sexiest man alive a little less sexy for Deadpool

For Ryan Reynolds’ anti-superhero movie Deadpool, released earlier this year, the visual effects team over at Rodeo FX had their work cut out for them. Rather than smooth out a few lines on Reynolds’ face here and there, they were tasked with making him look like he’d survived a series of horrifying stress tests that resulted in head-to-toe scar tissue. In a short video and accompanying interview, the visual effects supervisors break down how they used rotting vegetables and meat as visual references to transform People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

The transformation from admitted pretty boy to the disfigured Deadpool was nothing the visual effects team couldn’t handle, even after the original task of altering 100 shots was bumped up to a cool 215 shots. The video also takes a look at the film’s final fight …

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