Great Job, Internet!: Make your own version of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo album cover

While some might think that the recently-revealed album art for Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo looks like an intro slide from a fourth grader’s PowerPoint presentation on Picasso (some = us), it’s tough to argue that it’s not visually distinctive (although it did initially remind us of Content Nausea by Parkay Quarts). Regardless, like every other part of the lead-up to The Life of Pablo’s release, it generated all sorts of buzz, and as the internet is wont to do, it made plenty of parodies.

The formula of the art’s design is actually very minimal (as is probably obvious), so Rick Lomas and @Whybray made replicating the cover even easier by creating an album cover generator at Using the site is a very simple two-step process: open the page, start typing. Now the world is free to make its Taylor Swift parodies …

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