Great Job, Internet!: Make politics more fun with Late-Night Presidential Candidate Bingo

The presidential election is more than a year away, but the campaign is already in full-swing, dominating not only the voracious, 24-hour news cycle but also the late night talk show circuit. Sometimes, it seems that the next 13 politically charged months stretch out like an eternity. What can the average viewer, who may or may not even care all that much who leads the Free World, do to while away the time? Well, thanks to Mashable’s Proma Khosla, you can keep track of which candidates have appeared on which gabfests with Late-Night Presidential Candidate Bingo Cards. Viewers are advised to print these out and keep them handy on those nights when the only cure for insomnia is listening to office-seekers ingratiate themselves to a comedian. According to Kholsa, this little game encourages viewers to adapt a collector’s mindset, “as if the candidates were politically active Pokémon” (the …

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