Great Job, Internet!: Lorde may have had a secret Instagram account to review onion rings

Becoming really, really famous involves a certain amount of sacrifice. You have to give up your privacy, travel constantly, and, perhaps least importantly, lose control of your social media presence. Tweets and Instagrams must go through a panel of PR flacks who eliminate any semblance of personality in favor of nonsense hashtags and stock promotional fodder. It can be suffocating, one might imagine, and has led to at least one superstar to start an anonymous Twitter account to be used exclusively for “drunk-tweeting.”

A combination of super-fandom and ludicrously in-depth detective work has revealed yet another clandestine account, this one allegedly belonging to New Zealand pop sensation Lorde. Its focus? Onion rings. Which ones are good and which ones are bad? It was called onionringsworldwide and all signs point to it belonging to the celeb.

Newshub did the heavy lifting here, breaking the evidence down into four categories:

  • The followers …

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