Great Job, Internet!: Lonelygirl15 is creepier than ever in her first video since 2008

Ten years ago, back when YouTube was still in diapers and no one knew what the hell a “webseries” even was, Lonelygirl15 captured the imagination of the internet like nothing before. Presented as the spontaneous, unrehearsed video journal of a young woman stuck in a “boring” town, the series eventually proved to be a scripted production created by a trio of California-based filmmakers. The winsome American protagonist, Bree Avery, was played by a New Zealand-born actress named Jessica Lee Rose. The whole thing was as fake as any sitcom, except the intimacy of the vlogs and the element of audience participation made it seem genuine. At the time, it was the most popular thing on YouTube, garnering a then-astronomical 1.5 million views a week. When the truth came out about Lonelygirl15, many viewers felt outraged and cheated. Others kept watching, just to see what would happen next. The makers …

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