Great Job, Internet!: Live in a videogame version of The Grand Budapest Hotel

People who love Wes Anderson tend to really love Wes Anderson. His fans get tattoos inspired by his work, and they name their children after his characters. Many say, unequivocally, that they want to live in a Wes Anderson movie.

At the moment, playing this game made by students at New York University’s Game Center is probably as close as you can get. In Maquisard, you become a newly hired lobby boy at The Grand Budapest Hotel. In addition to completing your lobby boy duties, you are also recruited by The Resistance to determine (through eavesdropping and observation) which guest is actually a government spy.

With their instantly recognizable color pallets and the fact that characters can only move sideways, Wes Anderson’s movies are well-suited to becoming video games. Just last year, someone made an 8-bit version of The Life Aquatic With …

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