Great Job, Internet!: Listen to a home appliance tell jokes for 15 minutes

Google Home, a device no one needs but many will want for precisely that reason, is a small, voice-activated speaker capable of answering questions and carrying out certain commands that don’t require arms or legs. It sort of looks like a Renuzit air freshener from an optimistic, Jetsons-type future.

You can also ask it for a joke. So that is exactly what Seattle’s David Chen did, for a video called “Literally Just 15 Minutes Of Google Home Telling Jokes.” It doesn’t take much to get this thing going. “Okay, Google,” Chen says, “tell me a joke.” Multicolored lights blink to life on the top of the cylindrical device, and a calm, even-toned, female voice declares, “Whoever invented knock-knock jokes should get a no-bell prize.” Funny, right? From there, Chen just keeps saying “Okay, Google, tell me another one” over and over, and Google Home gamely replies …

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