Great Job, Internet!: Like life itself, this video is a ceaseless parade of failure

We all have our moments—perhaps on a morning not unlike this one, when getting out of the house with matching socks, a charged phone, and hair that does not appear to be styled by a wind tunnel is apparently too much to ask for, because we are constantly reaching for the stars. So we can all take solace in this new video, “The Most Unsatisfying Video In The World Ever Made” by WunderTütenFabrik, which features fuckup after fuckup, helpfully set against a dark background and modern ambient music that might soundtrack our morning meditation if we could ever get up a whole 10 minutes early to make time for that. It is imminently relatable: Who among us has not mangled a tomato by using the wrong knife? Been unable to find the end on a roll of packing tape? Miscalculated the surgical precision necessary to cut a cake? If …

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