Great Job, Internet!: Let’s remember the quaint apocalyptic hysteria of the Y2K bug

Humans have pretty much always thought the end is nigh, although the dawn of this millennium provided a great focal point for that sentiment, seemingly indicating a cosmic transition that may as well have also included the apocalypse. We were particularly focused, at the time, on the Y2K computer bug, which is, at this point, almost a shorthand for quaint Clinton-era fears.

At the time, though, people were terrified! A new video from Freethink explores this hysteria and questions if the measures taken to avert it were worth their cost. After all, some $300 billion was spent in preparation for the event, with the US accounting for a full third of that tally. The bug was touted not just by fringe conspiracy theorists but also political leaders and technology moguls, although, for his part, Bill Gates only thought of it as “minor inconvenience.” Its roots lie in computer history and …

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