Great Job, Internet!: Let’s not forget R. Kelly’s response when a journalist asked him if he liked teenage girls

The week got off to a queasy start on Monday when Buzzfeed published a damning exposé on R. Kelly, accusing him of brainwashing and imprisoning several young women and further solidifying the allegations of pedophilia and sexual assault that have for years been associated with the R&B singer. Later that day, Kelly asserted his innocence in a statement sent through his lawyer. And that night, one of the alleged captives conducted an interview with TMZ, during which she said everything was fine.

It says something about R. Kelly that everyone finds the idea of him building a sex cult of young women to be “unsurprising,” a word that’s been used again and again to describe the story. But that’s because new allegations and evidence are consistently popping up; in 2014, for example, in the wake of a previous exposé into Kelly’s behavior, it was revealed that his …

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