Great Job, Internet!: Let’s keep democracy alive by sending pizza to voters stuck in line

It’s not always easy doing your patriotic duty. In some areas of the United States, voters may find themselves waiting in seemingly endless, slow-moving lines for hours, just for the privilege of casting a ballot on Election Day. Some citizens, discouraged and weak from hunger, may even consider dropping out and going home. Fortunately, a website called Pizza To The Polls can supply these weary, would-be voters with the “piping hot ‘za” they need in order to go the distance.

Calling pizza “the one thing that pairs so perfectly with freedom,” this civic-minded, nonpartisan site asks users to report long lines at polling places so that fresh-baked pies can be delivered there ASAP. Visitors to the site may also choose to donate to the 🍕 Fund. Every $10 buys another delicious pie that could potentially keep the American democratic experiment alive just a little longer. Though not a charity, the …

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