Great Job, Internet!: Let us compare the idiots of Burn After Reading to the idiots of the Trump administration

Despite being hilarious, Burn After Reading is one of the Coen Brothers’ darkest, most unforgiving creations. In it, a pair of aging gym rats stumble upon a CD containing the memoirs of a former CIA analyst; it’s worthless, but, being very, very dumb, they think it contains “secret spy shit.” Their journey eventually leads them to the Russian Embassy, where they try to score a reward for what they think is compromising information. In the end, half of the cast is dead or incarcerated while the government—U.S. and Russian—scratches their heads. “I’m fucked if I know what we did,” says J.K. Simmons’ Deep State operative.

The very mention of Russia probably tickled the part of your brain that’s been following the news, which has more or less been consumed by our current administration’s dalliances with the Russian government, the latest of which …

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