Great Job, Internet!: Lego was actually pretty late to the toy-brick-making game

It’s currently the biggest selling toy maker in the world, but the Danish company Lego was not even close to being the first to manufacture interlocking miniature bricks. A new YouTube video from Jangbricks called “Bricks Before Lego” details the many, many Lego predecessors from both England and America that hit the market before Lego debuted its iconic building blocks in 1949. It’s a legacy that actually stretches as far back as 1934, when an American manufacturer called the Rubber Specialties Company introduced its Bild-O-Brik line. Those innovative little rectangles inspired the Mini Brix line from England’s Premo Rubber Company in 1935. There followed a whole slew of proto-Legos, usually made from plasic but occasionally made from rubber or even wood. History has largely forgotten Kiddicraft’s Self Locking Building Bricks from 1947 and Halsam Product’s American Bricks from 1939. But the internet never forgets.

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