Great Job, Internet!: LeBron James has some ideas for a Trainwreck sequel

Before the July 10 Trainwreck red-carpet premiere in Akron, Ohio, native son LeBron James took co-stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, as well as director/producer Judd Apatow, to legendary drive-in fast-food joint Swensons. The crew wasn’t just fixing for the restaurant’s signature Galley Boy burger and onion rings, however: They were filming a Funny Or Die sketch that involves bouncing ideas off one another for a Trainwreck sequel. Hader’s the odd man out in the brainstorming session, which finds James suggesting he take a greater creative role in the future. Oddly enough, that might not be so far-fetched: The rapport between Schumer and the Cavs star, as well as the pair’s impeccable comedic timing, underscores that James’ warmly received appearance in Trainwreck was no performance fluke.

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