Great Job, Internet!: Learn Valyrian history with this offical Game Of Thrones video

Those unwilling to shell out the cash for a Game Of Thrones Blu-ray might not know that the series has apparently been producing mini-documentaries about Westeros as if the show were based on historical facts, not fantasy novels. Rather than acknowledge that this is all backstory created by author George R.R. Martin, this season one bonus feature is basically a Ken Burns-style documentary about the ancient Valyrian people (the line from which Daenerys Targaryen is descended).

Narrated by Viserys Targaryen (and/or actor Harry Lloyd, depending on which reality viewers believe), the video charts the rise and fall of the Valyrians as well as their connection to both dragons and magic. It clarifies a lot of backstory—er, history—that isn’t necessarily explicit on the show. For instance, after establishing their massive empire the Valyrians prospered for nearly 5,000 years before “The Doom” destroyed their lands. The …

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