Great Job, Internet!: Late-night comedy proves that good things happen when you call out Trump’s bullshit

It’s a cliche at this point that the court jester is the only person who can speak truth to the king, but it’s also hard not to realize the importance of comedy—and, in particular, satire—in the face of something like the Trump administration, which openly disdains truth, decorum, general sociopolitical stability, the press, the people who elected them, and all other breathing, sentient life on the planet. A fascistic kleptocracy is not “good for comedy,” but it does call comedy to do better. At the very least, it’s damn good fodder for them.

A new video from Vox maintains that late-night comedians are holding up their end of the deal, essentially doing a better job covering Trump than the major news networks are. The argument is compelling for more reasons than the fact that watching cable news is like eating a valium and having people …

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