Great Job, Internet!: Kumail Nanjiani has a very nice story for you

Kumail Nanjiani is having a banner year. Not only is he a Silicon Valley highlight with exciting projects on the horizon, he’s also the co-writer and star of an acclaimed new romantic comedy, The Big Sick (which we loved). In the wake of this success, Nanjiani took on a moment on Twitter last night to reflect on his favorite childhood movie and how he came to revisit it upon the release of The Big Sick.

It’s a beautiful, affirming story that serves as a symbol of the role art can serve in our lives, the ways in which a single movie/song/book can come to shape our sensibilities and provide an emotional resonance that ripples throughout adulthood.

For Nanjiani, it was writer Richard Curtis’ 1994 comedy Four Weddings And A Funeral, which starred Hugh Grant at perhaps his most charming. Read Nanjiani’s whole story below:

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