Great Job, Internet!: Kraft Mac & Cheese cocktails are artful and disgusting in equal measure

Summer is not just a time for sunburns and heatstroke. It’s also a time to declare one’s independence from societal and culinary norms and ask that rhetorical question, “Why the hell not?” The warm-weather months are all about experimentation, and that should extend to one’s consumption of prepackaged cheese-and-pasta-based meals. Why just make this stuff the boring way it says to on the box when the humor site Above Average has a whole lineup of elegant and enticing recipes for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese cocktails? Most consumers will simply follow the standard directions and indifferently plop the glistening, orange repast on a plate, maybe garnishing it with a little ketchup. But that shows no creativity at all. Even Kraft’s own recipe page is timid. Adding bacon, Kraft? Really? That’s innovation? No, this is innovation: a Mac-Tini, “Ice cold gin, a splash of sweet vermouth and …

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