Great Job, Internet!: Kim Gordon talks about her early life and inspirations in an animated interview

California Sunday Magazine, in conjunction with Google Play, has created a new animated interview project with Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon. In the video, which is part of a California Inspires Me series, Gordon expounds upon the many ways in which she was impacted and influenced in her time as a resident of the Golden State.

In between describing her affinity for the smells of night-blooming jasmine and stunning views of the Santa Ana Mountains, Gordon also talks about her earliest forays into music, discussing how as a child she “used to pull out record covers and I would line ‘em up and make a narrative story, listen to each one and enact it in some way or dance around the house.” She also discusses her first band, a noise-garage group formed in art school and their disastrous first gig at the Ann Arbor Film Festival before delving into her …

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