Great Job, Internet!: Kevin Bacon desperately wants more male nudity in Hollywood

Kevin Bacon is letting it all hang out, calling for more male nudity in TV and films. Noting an inequality between female and male nudity, Bacon has produced a video asking for actors and filmmakers to unite and “Free The Bacon.” The actor has long been a pioneer in wang showing, notably his parts (pun intended) in Wild Things and Hollow Man. But now he’s calling on his peers to join him in celebrating male genitalia by incorporating it into series like Game Of Thrones, movies like the 50 Shades Of Grey films, or really any possibility where an actor can drop trow and reveal the angle of his dangle.

It’s a funny video in which the actor pokes fun at himself and even brings up the recently cancelled The Following, which was unfortunately penis-free for its entire run. Bacon’s call could not come at a better …

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