Great Job, Internet!: Kendrick Lamar meets The Office in this Dundie-worthy remix

ASADI strikes again. The self-professed purveyor of “Persian trap music” has once more turned to American television as a source of inspiration for one of his clever, genre-bending remixes. Previously, ASADI miraculously united Kanye West with SpongeBob SquarePants. The time has now come to abandon whimsical, colorful Bikini Bottom for the much drearier environment of Scranton, Pa. ASADI’s latest creation combines a verse from Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 track “Poetic Justice” with Jay Ferguson’s catchy, plaintive, piano-driven theme song from the American version of The Office. To be sure, this is a high-concept pairing, and ASADI makes sure not to overstay his welcome. The whole thing is over in a minute.

As before, the modest accompanying video shows a bit of the remix artist’s creative process. First, using only his left hand, he plays the familiar TV theme on a small keyboard. Then, it’s button-mashing time …

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