Great Job, Internet!: Ken Bone is still taking questions in his Reddit AMA from two weeks ago

As noticed by Redditor _OG, onetime American sweetheart Ken Bone is still hanging out in his Reddit AMA from two weeks ago, taking whatever lingering questions remain about his fading role in the media spotlight. Here he is, being cheeky as hell about it this morning:

Ken Bone is doing fine! Ken Bone doesn’t give a shit that the world recoiled in horror after he forgot to make a burner account for his AMA, which led to the American people becoming privy to all his previous comments on Trayvon Martin, Jennifer Lawrence’s hacked nude photos, and pregnant women in bikinis. This was just Ken’s first foray into the fell world of clickbait journalism:

Ken Bone is moving on! Here he is giving some casual advice on Kansas City tourism:

By and large, this remains Bone’s tone throughout his voluminous, ongoing dialogue on Reddit, all of which …

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