Great Job, Internet!: Kanye West rapping over the Seinfeld theme is a whirlwind of narcissism

It was only a matter of time before the most self-obsessed rapper of his generation was drawn into the vortex of self-absorption that is Seinfeld. Over the weekend, Kanye West not only made his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live but also debuted his long-delayed, highly anticipated The Life Of Pablo on Tidal. Of the new album’s 18 tracks, easily the most classically West-esque is entitled simply “I Love Kanye” and features the rapper’s own first name a staggering 25 times. (A representative sample: “I miss the sweet Kanye / Chop up the beats Kanye / I gotta say at that time I’d like to meet Kanye.”) West debuted the song during a performance at Madison Square Garden on February 11, then recited the lyrics during a supposed MC battle with Kyle Mooney on SNL a few days later. The song is allegedly West’s self-kidding response to the …

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