Great Job, Internet!: Just how many redshirts die in Star Trek, anyway?

Most Star Trek fans, at one time or another, have fantasized about stepping aboard the Enterprise, donning the Starfleet uniform, and blasting off into the great unknown at warp six. But if that fantasy is taking place during Kirk and Spock’s time, you’d better hope your uniform isn’t red.

Someone being a “redshirt”—that is, a character the audience isn’t invested in and would be okay with seeing die—is a well-established trope in the sci-fi genre and is often used by fans to identify characters they predict won’t make it to the end credits. The movie Galaxy Quest poked fun at the cliche with Sam Rockwell’s character Guy Fleegman, whose sole credit is Crewman #6. But the concept of being a redshirt has its roots in Trek‘s original series, during which crew members died all the time, or whenever the writers needed …

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