Great Job, Internet!: Just how far are we from having Westworld-style robots?

There are a lot of very valid questions to have about Westworld—including 1) Is Ed Harris bad?, 2) What the fuck?, and 3) Which one is a Cylon?—but the HBO series also raises a host of more logistical queries. When is it set? What is going on in the rest of its world? Where does the money to terraform an enormous multi-city virtual world come from, anyway? How do they make their killable, sexualized, semi-sentient robots, and more importantly, how long until we can have some of our own?

A new article on Vice explores this question with, to be frank, dispiriting results. We can presently grow skin fairly easily, and cowboy sex-bots wouldn’t necessarily need every internal organ that a human does. Still, Vice‘s expert estimates we’re about 100 years away from putting all of the pieces together.

It gets worse. Let’s say …

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