Great Job, Internet!: Juicero CEO defends the company’s useless $400 juicer

Oh, you thought we were done with the Juicero? That the tale of the useless $400 juicer was finished? That our collective snark had shamed the Juicero back into the bowels of Silicon Valley to fester alongside rat-gnawed boxes of Google Glasses? Well, according to Jeff Dunn, Juicero’s CEO, they’re just getting started.

A new statement from Dunn, published on Medium, tackles the criticism that has been lobbied against the product over the last few days. He calls being the CEO of Juicero “the single most ambitious and inspiring job I’ve ever held” and goes on to describe the company’s mission as making it “dramatically easier and more enjoyable to consume more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.” That’s a noble goal and, while his letter elaborates on the product’s unique features, it still does little to justify its insane price.

What’s really bizarre …

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