Great Job, Internet!: Journalists: Thank All The President’s Men for your rumpled look in film

It was hardly the first Hollywood movie about journalism or crusading reporters, but Alan J. Pakula’s 1976 political thriller All The President’s Men nevertheless changed the genre in ways that are still being reflected in recent films like Spotlight and Snowden. Andy Wright discusses the classic movie’s stylistic choices in a piece for Atlas Obscura called “How All The President’s Men Defined The Look Of Journalism On Screen.” Even though the film won Oscars for Jason Robards’ supporting performance as editor Ben Bradlee and William Goldman’s adapted screenplay, Wright does not focus on acting or writing in his analysis. Instead, he theorizes, the real influence of All The President’s Men can be seen in its lighting, costumes, and set decoration. The movie’s signature style is defined by grungy garages, rumpled clothing, and cluttered desks.

In telling the story of Bob Woodward (Robert Redford …

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