Great Job, Internet!: Journalist Igor Volsky exposes the hypocrisy of the GOP’s “thoughts and prayers”

Think Progress journalist Igor Volsky has been vocal in calling out politicians who tweet about “thoughts and prayers” after mass shootings but who have accepted gun-lobby dollars. In the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando, Volsky has taken it to a new level.

NRA dumped $922K into McConnell’s re-elect bid, so when it comes to preventing gun violence all u get is this tweet

— igorvolsky (@igorvolsky) December 3, 2015

He started by pointing out that not a single Republican has mentioned that the LGBT community was the target of the attack.

No Republican lawmakers who have tweeted about #OrlandoShooting have mentioned #LGBT community or that it was a target of the attack

— igorvolsky (@igorvolsky) June 12, 2016

From there, he began individually tweeting at GOP lawmakers.

.@NRA spent 2.8 MILLION to elect @joniernst in 2014 so gun …

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