Great Job, Internet!: Joss Whedon’s latest PSA stars Chris Pine as a petulant, shitheel Congress

About a month ago, Joss Whedon returned to Twitter to announce Save The Day, a “get out the vote” campaign starring every famous person he could find. Since then, he’s released about a dozen videos in total—some somber and some funny, including Keegan-Michael Key’s post-apocalyptic/post-Trump weather report. Now comes the scabrous “If Congress Was Your Co-Worker,” starring professional handsome man Chris Pine as the titular governing body.

Smug, petulant, and dewy-skinned, Pine’s a great fit for the role, which finds him shutting down the company when he doesn’t get his way, sacrificing safety for corporate interests, and chasing a woman around while declaring, “I am the boss of you! I am the boss of your whole body!” It’s clear from gags like these—as well as Pine’s terrified reaction to the notions of science and gender-neutral restroom signs—that by “Congress,” Whedon …

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