Great Job, Internet!: Janet Reno’s pop-culture moments are inextricable from the ‘90s

Janet Reno died this morning at the age of 78, and has been immediately remembered, among other things, as a capable, long-tenured attorney general, serving through two Clinton administrations and the countless scandals that entailed. She held the role for longer than anyone in the previous 150 years, according to The New York Times; she was also the first woman in the country’s history to hold it at all.

Perhaps because of these reasons, she was uniquely prominent in pop culture among attorneys general. (No one is making their name on a killer Eric Holder impression.) The most notable portrayal of Reno was Will Ferrell’s on Saturday Night Live, which he first began (according to the SNL archives) toward the end of 1996. In early 1997, he began “Janet Reno’s Dance Party,” a series of sketches that have aged better for their skewering of mid-’90s MTV …

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