Great Job, Internet!: It’s been a good week on the internet for hating corporate goons

2017 has been a good year for hating things on the internet. Sure, people are, increasingly, mad online, and political debate has splintered into a billion competing planetoids of paranoid conspiracy, venomous infighting, and vain “signal boosting.” And yet the massive focal points of our collective ire have been undoubtedly deserving. A recent meme stacks up Pepsi’s tasteless Kendall Jenner ad, which was so poorly received that it prompted the company to apologize to her, of all people; United’s harrowing “re-accommodation” of a passenger, which has since sent stock prices tumbling; and, finally, Sean Spicer, whose claim yesterday that Hitler never stooped to using chemical weapons inspired such widespread befuddlement and outrage that even he made it onto the news to apologize, perhaps for the first time in his outrage-laden three-month span as White House press secretary.

Anyway, it’s a straightforward meme, but a solid one:

Pepsi …

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