Great Job, Internet!: It will only take you 21 minutes to revisit all of Game Of Thrones’ deaths

There’s no shortage of ways to refresh yourself on the characters, events, and, perhaps most importantly, deaths of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. We’ve chronicled many of them here, from this rap song to this statistical breakdown to, you know, the official season seven trailer. When last we spoke of the series’ body count, we presented this adorable, hand-drawn recreation of each notable characters’ demise. Now, you can view them all the way they were intended, but, this being the seventh season and all, and Game Of Thrones being a preternaturally death-filled show, it will require 21 minutes of your day.

Compiled by Game Of Thrones fan Leon Andrew Razon, the exhaustive clip distinguishes itself by showing every death, even the most inconsequential ones (he includes pigeons and bugs, bizarrely). The total count is 150,966, though that number is most certainly up for debate since he’s …

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