Great Job, Internet!: It Follows passes its score on to Psycho and vice versa

It Follows will no doubt be appearing on many a horror aficionado’s best-of list at the end of 2015. The film, a perfect mix of tension, big scares, and gallows humor felt both like a throwback to classic scary movies of a bygone era and a look to the future of what horror can be (not just another possession movie, low-rent found-footage slasher, or tortuous body horror). David Robert Mitchell’s film garnered plenty of comparisons to John Carpenter’s Halloween, which in turn was compared favorably to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, back at the time of the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring film’s release in 1978. And now, House By The Video Store has put out a clip in which scenes from It Follows use Bernard Herrmann’s music from Psycho, and the music from Psycho is replaced with Disaterpeace’s It Follows score.

The clip exemplifies the importance …

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