Great Job, Internet!: Inside an 8-month battle against one Twitter user’s dumb shoes

As a recent South Park episode demonstrated, the internet is very rarely a “safe space.” Those who heedlessly post pictures on social media sites had better damned well prepare for those pictures to attract negative comments. That‘s the tough life lesson Silicon Valley IT guy Jon Hendren, whose enviable Twitter handle is @fart, learned over and over again for months when he innocently tweeted this picture of his new shoes on February 19, 2015. In the now-infamous tweet, Hendren himself acknowledges the ridiculousness of his freshly purchased, bright red Vans with leopard-patterned interiors.

I don’t remember buying these gaudy mother fuckin shoes but am i gonna wear em? you bet your ass

— jon hendren (@fart) February 20, 2015

Hendren probably thought that was the end of it. Foolishly, he had not reckoned on the cruelty and creativity of fellow Twitter users David Thorpe (@Arr …

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