Great Job, Internet!: Indulge in weird crime shows with the Encyclopedia Of Hypothetical Police Procedurals

Police procedurals, those TV shows that follow law enforcement officials trying to solve crimes and collar criminals, have long been ubiquitous in the television landscape—just ask Law & Order creator and media overlord Dick Wolf. The popularity of this genre has ensured that the procedurals of the present and the past are well-known and well-documented. But what of the police procedurals of the future? Where is one to turn to learn about the procedurals that don’t exist yet but conceivably could? Worry not, crime aficionados, as they’ve been extensively catalogued in the Encyclopedia Of Hypothetical Police Procedurals.

Created by comedians Luke Burns and James Folta, each entry in the extensive Encyclopedia details the characters, premise, and notable episodes of conceivable crime shows. Including entries like “Sheriff Snowman” (Catchphrase: “I’m the fastest—and coldest—gun in the west”), “Mysterious Ways” (Premise: Can God create a crime so …

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