Great Job, Internet!: In the Game Of Smurfs, you either win or you Smurf

When taken in broad strokes, The Smurfs is the story of a feudal system with a threat constantly encroaching and one strong female that defies the patriarchal order. Fox ADHD has taken the broad approach to the beloved ’80s cartoon and applied George R.R. Martin’s winning formula of sex, betrayal, murder, more sex, war, and exposed breasts to come up with “Game Of Smurfs.” While much of the stirring dialogue is a bit undercut when every other verb is replaced by “Smurf,” the clip still gets its grisly vision across.

Plus, if the Starks are right and winter does come, it will wreak havoc on the agrarian Smurf society and its exposed mushroom kingdom. And Azrael represents the dragons? The video isn’t clearly thought out, but it’s still entertaining to watch horrific Smurf on Smurf violence.

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