Great Job, Internet!: In Iron Cat 2, a super-suited feline warrior must save his own kind

At the movies, summer has traditionally been a season for numbered sequels and for films about superheroes. Or both at once, preferably. Clearly, then, there was no better time for L.A. filmmaker Aaron “VFX Bro” Benitez to do a follow-up to his 2015 short Iron Cat. In that film, for the uninitiated, a house cat named Prince Michael is inspired to create his own Tony Stark-like flying suit after being taunted by some smart-aleck birds in serious need of an attitude adjustment. It’s a classic Marvel-style origin story, only no one is orphaned this time around, and there’s no gamma radiation to speak of. It’s just a cat reading up on flight and then, after some experimentation, building an airborne suit of armor (out of cardboard, duct tape, glue, baby shoes, and a couple of steam irons) in a suburban garage. Typical. In addition to being …

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