Great Job, Internet!: Imagine Muppets having sex with this video of Kermit singing “Ignition (Remix)”

We know, through the story of, in which an upstart DJ named DJ Muppetfucker had his website forcefully acquired by the Jim Henson Company so as to halt the spread of its pernicious muppet-fucking ideas, that the Jim Henson Company does not like to imagine the outcome of their much-suggested inter-species romances. Sure, the thinking seems to go, we will set up relationships between frogs and pigs, or Gonzo and Camilla, or any number of actual humans and Muppets—but we will not suggest that they consummate their relationship physically. That will be left to the imaginations of the viewers.

And so this video of Kermit singing “Ignition (Remix)” will provide a series of thought-starters for Muppet fans eager to connect the dots. Now you can more clearly envision drunk Kermit wilding out, dark Kermit urging him toward his most base impulses, a rum-drunk Kermit sidling up to …

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