Great Job, Internet!: If genuine, this 1977 Scientology handbook is a kitschy cult classic

The Church Of Scientology tends to shroud itself in secrecy, preferring to keep its inner workings to itself. With that in mind, it’s remarkable to come across a rare artifact like the Scientology Minister’s Handbook from 1977. Excerpts from this book have been shared with the public via the Flickr account of Tom, Lu, India, and Django Melly. If this heavily illustrated volume is real, it appears to provide guidance and instructions to “Volunteer Ministers” of the faith, showing them how to react in particular social situations. (It also encourages them to sell as many copies of Dianetics as possible.) The Mellys provide very little context for the images that appear in this online photo album, nor do they specify how exactly this document came into their possession. When they do offer commentary, it’s generally in the form of snarky photo captions. An image of a Volunteer …

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