Great Job, Internet!: How Trump campaign staffers tried to keep him from tweeting

Most us wake every morning with a now-familiar pang of dread as we check our Twitter feed, once a source of weather updates and cute animal pictures, now a hellscape lorded over by one man in particular. We’ve found that the president likes to tweet in the early a.m., usually so he can go off on his arch-enemy, the media, or try to defend himself against the criticisms that are piling up by the day. Most of these tweets, it’s safe to say, are doing the president more harm than good, by highlighting his mounting insecurities and unhinged thought processes.

So it’s not much of a surprise to find that Trump’s staff may dread his tweets even more than the general public. Politico reports today that Trump’s campaign staffers have revealed the manipulative gymnastics they used to try to keep his public 140-character meltdowns …

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