Great Job, Internet!: How True Detective and Seven are spiritual ancestors

Video essays are one of the unexpected treats of an innovation like YouTube, a way of taking what might be dry information on the page and spicing it up with relevant clips and audio. What’s also telling are the subjects that tend to crop up time and again in these essays, one of which is HBO’s first season of True Detective. Now that we’re a few years out from its critically acclaimed, zeitgest-capturing initial run, which brought with it sensationalism and conspiracy theories, it seems we’re finally at a place where we can truly view it through an untainted academic lens.

Previously, we shared Film Radar‘s peek into the show’s exceptional character development. Now, we’re turning to YouTube account Lessons from the Screenplay to see how Nic Pizzolatto’s countrified noir compares and contrasts with one of its spiritual ancestors, David Fincher’s …

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