Great Job, Internet!: How every Price Is Right contestant should “come on down”

The act of “coming on down” on CBS’ long-running morning time-passer The Price Is Right is an act of pure self-expression. From the moment of hearing their name called, each contestant is tasked with a mission: to celebrate with loved ones and then memorably march from their seat to Contestant’s Row, where they will hopefully win trips or cars or cash—ideally, all of the above.

For Premal Shah, his “come on down” was a perfect storm of enthusiasm, having an audience entirely made up of college kids, and getting a little help from his friends, as they hoisted him up in the air upon the sound of his name. Shah proceeds to crowd surf all the way from the top of the audience to the lowest row, inciting host Drew Carey to proclaim “that was a great ‘come on down.’” Check out the footage below, and don …

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